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How does Git work under the hood?

Some time ago I posted an overview of common Git commands with simple explanations, what they do under the hood.

I'd like to push this topic even further and I'd like to share with you a missing part from the previous article, which is an explanation of the most fundamental concepts in Git, in the context of the .git/ directory.

I have noticed, that Git is a very common yet often misunderstood topic, and in my opinion, this is due to a lack of a precise understanding of how it works under the hood.

I lanuched a separate website called No Bullsh*t Git instead of writing blog post, because I wanted to have a dedicated place for this topic, with simple design and fast navigation.

Even though this guide covers a lot of technical aspects of Git, I tried my best to make this guide as simple and concise as possible.

I hope you'll find it useful.

Link to the website:

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