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Who asked?

Recently I've been listening to Andrzej Krzywda interviews, podcasts and lives. He talked a lot about personal brand and the idea of having your own blog for yourself, where you simply describe some things you've recently learned about, explain your solutions to problems in code, or just discuss something else.

I really like this idea because:

  • I can practice a form of expression such as blog writing, which I am completely unfamiliar with.
  • I can really improve my writing skills in English.
  • By summarizing my knowledge I will have better understaing of certain topics and there is a bigger chance that I will remember more things.
  • Browsing my blog will quickly show what I'm currently doing and what problems I'm facing.
  • I can share my own notes, so maybe other people will find my posts useful.

So I came up with this blog. I chose Gatsby as its main technology, because it's very fast, the content is pre-rendered and the most important, I can write posts in markdown files (where I'm taking all my personal notes). After making changes, I can simply commit new posts to GitHub and Vercel will automatically publish them under my domain.

Edit 12.02.2024:

Over time, I've come to realize that choosing Gatsby was a terrible mistake, and there are much better technologies available, like Next.js, Astro or Jekyll. All my posts are saved as markdown files, so in the future, I will migrate to a less cumbersome technology.

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I'm just curious about computer science, mainly web development.

I want this blog to describe what I did or learned today. These posts should be useful to a version of me from yesterday.

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